HIV Therapy – Medications Prescribed for AntiViral Therapy

HIV Therapy - Medications Prescribed for AntiViral TherapyAntiretroviral therapy is a lifelong etiotropic therapy for HIV infection. Its purpose and control over its effectiveness and safety is carried out by the AIDS Centers. The main thing in it is to regularly take a combination of antiretroviral drugs selected by the attending physician and bought from Trust Pharmacy Canada that are available for ordering them online.

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At the present stage, ART does not allow to completely eliminate (remove) HIV from the patient’s body, but stops the multiplication of the virus, which leads to the restoration of immunity, the prevention of the development or regression of secondary diseases, the preservation or restoration of the patient’s ability to work and the prevention of his death. Effective antiretroviral therapy is also a preventive measure that reduces the risk of the patient as a source of infection.

Antiretroviral therapy can achieve a significant lengthening of life expectancy and delay in the development of AIDS.

Treatment of patients with HIV infection is carried out on a voluntary basis and includes the following areas:

  • psychosocial adaptation of the patient;
  • antiretroviral therapy;
  • chemoprophylaxis of secondary diseases;
  • treatment of secondary and concomitant diseases.
  • Basic principles for the use of antiretroviral drugs:
  • treatment must be started before the development of any significant immunodeficiency and life-long;
  • therapy is carried out with a combination of 3 or 4 antiretroviral drugs (this tactic of managing patients with HIV infection is designated as highly active antiretroviral therapy, abbreviated as HAART).

HAART is the only way to control HIV so far. It is the simultaneous effect on various mechanisms of the virus reproduction that makes it possible to achieve a decrease in its concentration in the blood to an undetectable one. The selection of drugs and dosage regimens should be carried out only by your attending physician.

Preparations for HIV therapy

HIV drugs are classified into several groups. Here are some of the most commonly used treatments for HIV infection.

The first and second groups of drugs prevent the virus from turning on the replication mechanism – “multiplication”. These drugs block the work of the reverse transcriptase enzyme, which is responsible for the creation of new viral RNAs inside the CD4 cell – the basis of future viruses. They are called reverse transcriptase inhibitors – nucleoside (NRTI) and non-nucleoside (NNRTI).

The third group inhibits the work of another viral enzyme – protease. As a result, the formation of full-fledged viral bodies that can infect other cells is disrupted. These drugs are called protease inhibitors (PIs).

The fourth group prevents the virus from attaching to the surface of the immune cell and entering it. These drugs are called entry inhibitors or fusion inhibitors (IPs).

Thus, the applied methods of treating HIV infection can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  • the use of antiretroviral drugs against HIV;
  • the use of drugs for other infections and other injuries developing against the background of HIV.

Antiretroviral therapy still has significant drawbacks:

  • high cost of treatment;
  • severe side effects;
  • possible development of resistance to the drugs used;
  • the need for their frequent change;
  • long-term use of a large number of medicines.

To assess the effectiveness and safety of ART, as part of dispensary observation, regular studies of viral load, CD4 lymphocyte count, clinical and biochemical blood tests, instrumental and clinical studies are carried out. The main criterion for the effectiveness of ART is reducing the viral load to an undetectable level.