Community Partnership Expansion

In order to stay on the cutting edge of HIV/AIDS philanthropy, the National AIDS Fund will continue to work with all its Community Partnerships to guide the evolution of the Community Partnership Model in ways that ensure current Partnerships have every opportunity to find the “model” that works best for their community. This evolution will also involve reaching out to other states and communities in an effort to expand our reach as a national organization.

The Fund’s Board of Trustees, staff and Community Partnerships have embarked on an exciting process that will include the following:

  • Evolution of the Community Partnership Model in a way that embraces community uniqueness, spurs innovation, fosters sustainability and creates opportunities to partner with more communities and their philanthropic entities;
  • Expansion of the Community Partnership Network beyond current Partnerships, with an initial focus on the South and ultimately the goal of having a presence in all 50 states;
  • Development of current and future Community Partnerships’ leadership roles to include an emphasis on strengthening community-wide HIV/AIDS service systems, beyond simply supporting discrete programs and services.

Just as the epidemic and the context in which it occurs evolves, the National AIDS Fund believes it must continue to develop the Community Partnership Model to ensure that collectively we are able to provide sustained national and local philanthropic leadership until our work is complete.

In 2006, the National AIDS Fund initiated discussions with leaders in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Colorado to explore opportunities for the formation of new Community Partnerships in those states. We expect that by 2007 we will have officially added several new Community Partnerships to our expanding network.