Community Impact

The National AIDS Fund was founded in 1988 to reduce the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS by promoting leadership and generating resources for effective community responses to the epidemic. Through an expanding network of Community Partnerships, the Fund promotes collaborative local planning and provides strategic grants and technical support to over 400 direct service organizations annually. Community Partnerships are consortia of concerned business, philanthropic, and community leaders dedicated to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and care in their local communities and regions. The Community Partnerships use the leverage of our national grants to raise support locally and make community-level decisions about how and where funds should be spent to meet the most pressing local needs. Over the past 20 years we have marshaled and invested over $150 million to combat the AIDS epidemic. In 2005, the National AIDS Fund awarded over $2 million in challenge & leadership grants to local communities across all our programs. Together with our Community Partnerships, we raised and directed over $8 million to support critical HIV/AIDS prevention care and support services.